Nutrition for Life™

What a pet eats at each stage of life has a powerful effect on their growth, strength and total well-being. That’s why OPTIMUM™ products provide high quality, expertly tailored nutrition for dogs and cats of every life stage or life style.

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When you feed your pet OPTIMUM products, you know you’re on the right side of science. All OPTIMUM products are developed with WALTHAM™ Science, to ensure your dog or cat receives the essential ingredients they need to stay in peak condition. Available across a selection of wet, dry and treat products, the OPTIMUM range offers more than a delicious nutritionally complete meal - it offers flavour variety and nutrition tailored to the needs of pet life stages, lifestyle and breed size.

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Used and Recommended by Dr. Cherlene Lee

Endorsed by ambassador Dr. Cherlene Lee, Australian practicing veterinary surgeon, veterinary hospital owner and passionate pet parent.

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Bioavailability for a balanced diet

All products within the OPTIMUM™ range have been developed with high quality ingredients to ensure excellent nutrient absorption and digestibility. Bioavailability plays a vital role in ensuring that high levels of nutrients are absorbed by the body so that your pet can get the most out of their food and more out of life.

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Made in regional Australia, using quality ingredients

Following the highest quality and food safety practices, OPTIMUM™ products are expertly crafted in Bathurst NSW and Wodonga VIC and exported to the world.

Backed by WALTHAM™ Science

The Waltham Petcare Science Institute, a world leading authority in pet care, has been advancing pet nutrition and health for 60 years and is on a mission to improve the lives of pets by understanding their needs through science. All OPTIMUM™ products are developed with experts at Waltham Petcare Science Institute to help your pet live a long, happy, healthy life.