Introducing Dr. Cherlene

Dr Cherlene

Meet our OPTIMUM™ ambassador Dr Cherlene Lee.

Dr. Cherlene Lee is a practicing veterinarian with a lifelong dedication to protecting the welfare of animals. With fifteen years experience as a veterinarian surgeon, Dr. Cherlene began her studies at the University of Sydney, after moving to Australia from Malaysia to pursue her tertiary studies.

With a passion for nutrition, education, and the vet-animal relationship, Dr. Cherlene founded My Vet Animal Hospital in 2014 to continue her mission of providing animals with the utmost care.

Dr Cherlene’s interest in animal nutrition fortified her relationship with the OPTIMUM™ brand and its goal of creating nutritious pet food. Now the OPTIMUM™ brand official ambassador, Dr. Cherlene is seeking to continue her journey of ensuring all animals receive their nutritional needs.

In her spare time, Dr Cherlene enjoys hanging out with her rescue cat and dog at her home in Sydney. Siao Chu makes regular appearances at Dr Cherlene’s practice; is fondly known as ‘Chief Canine Official’