Dog Care Throughout Life Stages

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Like humans, dogs pass through several life stages - from puppy to adulthood, and finally the senior years later in life.

Each life stage requires a change in your dog's care, especially in nutritional needs, and OPTIMUM™ can help.

Find out what life stage your dog is at, and what type of diet they require to help them live life to the full.


With this comes physical change which calls for tailored nutrition to ensure your dog receives the care that he or she requires. The transition from one life stage to the next for your dog depends on their size. For instance, larger breeds mature far earlier than smaller breeds, and as such require a different diet at a different age.

They’re not puppies forever

Puppies experience many physical changes as they develop into adult dogs. Physical size and shape change as the bones lengthen and harden, joints mature and muscles, ligaments and tendons all grow to adult size. The coat changes from a soft immature one to a denser adult coat, sometimes with two distinct layers - an undercoat and an overcoat. Baby or deciduous teeth fall out and are replaced with permanent adult teeth.


The immune system matures as it faces challenges from vaccines and natural exposure to germs. The gastrointestinal and urinary tracts mature, and dogs learn to control their bodily functions as they become house-trained.

When your dog becomes an adult, a different food is required without the extra calories for energy and specific formulation for development.

OPTIMUM™ for Puppies

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OPTIMUM™ for Adults

With age comes maturity

When compared to the activity levels enjoyed during their younger years, older dogs tend to slow down and require more sleep and rest periods throughout the day.

It is essential that they still have the opportunity to enjoy some moderate or gentle exercise on a daily basis, as this keeps muscles and joints active and supple while helping to maintain a healthy bodyweight. This promotes overall fitness and assists in the prevention of arthritis and other age-related conditions.