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OPTIMUM™ Adult Healthy Weight with Chicken, Vegetables & Rice dry food is a balanced and nutritionally complete dry food which has been formulated with lower calorie and fat levels to help control your dog’s weight, helping them lead a healthy life

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Key Benefits

Key Benefits



The OPTIMUM range contains a blend of antioxidants which, as part of balanced nutrition, help support their natural defences.



The OPTIMUM range is enriched with a blend of zinc and omega 6. Scientific studies have shown that a blend of zinc and omega 6 delivers a healthy skin and coat.



All products within the OPTIMUM Dry Dog range have been developed with high quality protein sources to ensure excellent nutrient absorption and BIOAVAILABILITY. Meaning that high levels of nutrients are absorbed by the body so that your dog can get the most out of their food and more out of life.



The inclusion of wholegrains and beet pulp in OPTIMUM provides a natural source of fibre. This helps to control intestinal transit and maximise nutrient absorption, resulting in smaller, firmer stools.



Like humans, maintaining good oral hygiene for dogs is an important factor of good health. The specifically designed OPTIMUM dental system helps to reduce plaque build-up and helps protect teeth and gums. The mechanical action of chewing the crunchy dry kibble, in combination with the active ingredient (sodium tripolyphosphate) helps promote good oral hygiene.



Designed to maintain vitamin and mineral intake whilst consuming fewer calories to help your dog reduce weight naturally. Meal time is important for your dog, which is why the OPTIMUM Healthy Weight formulation does not compromise on taste or nutrition.



Contains high levels of chicken, providing a natural source of glucosamine. Glucosamine contains the natural building blocks for cartilage to help maintain joint health. This is particularly important for older dogs who are more prone to joint health problems.

Nutrient Analysis


Wheat and/or corn; meat & meat by-product (poultry); sorghum and/or barley and/or rice; natural flavour (chicken); beet pulp; vegetables; vitamins & minerals; salt; vegetable oil; sodium tripolyphosphate; antioxidants; amino acid.


Nutrient Analysis

 Nutrient  per 100 g
 Protein, Crude  27.0%
 Fat, Crude  8.5%
 Moisture  8.5%
 Omega 6 (min.)  1.9mg
 Zinc (min.)  10.5mg
 Vitamin E (min.)  5.0 IU
 Vitamin C (min.)  7.5mg
 Glucosamine (min.)   2.0mg
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