pets n your health

Pets are good for us: it's something all we pet owners have known for years. Now we have research to support our claims.

Pets may reduce visits to the doctor

Walking a dog regularly provides great exercise benefits. Pets in general are wonderful for all manner of health issues, ranging from weight management to improved bone density to helping reducing blood pressure and cholesterol.

Pets also help ease our stress and tension. Inadvertently, pets can take centre stage during stressful situations - they'll break the ice and promote laughter with their antics.

Pets can extend social networks

This in turn promotes human contact - how many films have you seen where the boy meets girl thanks to the dog's antics?

Pets can help improve survival rates after illness

They won't cure cancer or heart disease, but they make people happy - the madly wagging tails, over the top greetings, hilarious antics and unconditional love can do wonders for seriously ill patients whilst also alleviating depression. Dog ownership can even increase the odds of survival for people who have had a heart attack.

Pets offer a sense of peace, calm and normality that cannot always be found in human relationships. Many women recovering from breast cancer said their pets were an important part of their support network. They also said that their pets made them feel cared for, offered tactile comfort, helped them express their feelings and still made them feel socially included.

Pets enrich the quality of life for lonely people

A pet is a living and breathing being who depends on people for its wellbeing. For the human, it provides structure and a duty of care: you have to feed it, take it to the vet, empty the litter box and much more.

Pets are public health workers

Guide dogs for the blind, dogs who visit nursing homes to bring happiness and a sense of calm to residents or resident cats in nursing homes - all of these pets perform a crucial role in society, providing guidance, assistance and a sense of calm.



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