OPTIMUM™ Adult Grain Free Toy/Small Breed

with Lamb & Vegetables Dry Dog Food

OPTIMUM™ Grain Free Toy Small Breed Dry Dog food range is formulated without grains or gluten to provide your adult dog with a diet high in protein with added essential vitamins and minerals.

Just like us, some dogs aren't at their very best when fed a grain-based diet. That's why OPTIMUM™ have scientifically formulated a Grain Free formulation.

Providing your dog a nutritionally complete and balanced food that is not only free from grains, but also high in protein with added essential vitamins and minerals. Meaning your dog can get more out of their food, to get more out of life.

OPTIMUM™ Adult Grain Free Toy/Small Breed



OPTIMUM™ Adult Grain Free Toy/Small Breed With Lamb & Vegetables Dry Dog Food is specially formulated to provide excellent nutrient BIOAVAILABILITY. This means that due to product integrity, high levels of nutrients are absorbed by your dog's body. Your dog gets more from their food, to get more out of life.

Health Benefits

Formulated without grains or gluten to provide adult dogs with a diet high in protein with added essential vitamins and minerals. 


The OPTIMUM™ range is enriched with a blend of zinc and omega 6. Scientific studies have shown that a blend of zinc and omega 6 delivers a healthy, shiny coat.


Balanced Mineral Levels


The inclusion of beet pulp in OPTIMUM™ Grain Free provides a natural source of fibre. This helps to control intestinal transit and maximise nutrient absorption, resulting in smaller, firmer stools.



From quality Australian and imported ingredients, OPTIMUM™ Adult contains no added artificial flavours or preservatives. We all know the more natural food is, the better it is for us - and our pets.

Nutritional Summary and Ingredients

Protein, Crude 35.0% Linolec Acid(Omega 6) 1.70%
Fat, Crude 13.0% Zinc 90 mg/kg
Moisture 8.5% Vitamin E 50 IU/kg
Carbohydrate (calc.) 31.0% Vitamin C 75 mg/kg
Metabolisable Energy 350 kcals/100g


The OPTIMUM™ range is fomulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for adult dogs.

Meat & meat by-product (poultry, lamb and/or sheep); vegetables and vegetable extract; canola meal; natural flavour (chicken); beet pulp; salt; vitamins & minerals; sodium tripolyphosphate; antioxidants.

Daily Feeding Guide

Daily Feeding Guide (grams)
Weight of Dog Dry Only Mixed Feeding
Wet* + Dry
3kg 60 100 30
5kg 85 150 45
10kg 145 250 70
15kg 195 350 95
20kg 240 450 120
25kg 285 500 145
  1 cup (250ml) = approximately 110g


*Wet feeding based on OPTIMUM™ Adult Tray
350 kcals per 100g

Research shows that feeding your dog a mix of both wet and dry products has a broad range of health benefits. OPTIMUM™ has created a variety of both wet and dry formulations to suit your dog at every life stage. When feeding both, simply halve the recommended quantities of each product. This is a guide only. Individual needs may vary depending on age, breed, activity level and environmental factors.

Clean fresh water should always be available for your dog.



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