Dog Training

Before teaching your dog tricks, you must first master the basics. The OPTIMUM™ brand endorses a positive-reinforcement based training method. Positive reward training conditions an animal to associate good behaviour with a reward.


Initially rewards are of high value, for example small tasty morsels such as roast chicken or chopped up sausages. Most dogs consider a food reward very appealing and they are also very receptive to a touch reward - a pat, praise or cuddle (preferably all at once). High praise and encouragement early on in your training regime will give your pet the confidence he or she needs to continue learning.  It will also allow you and your pet to form a very special bond with one another.

The basic rule when using a positive reward based training method is to reward good or desirable behaviour and ignore bad or undesirable behaviour. Most animals instigate bad behaviour when attention seeking, however, if you ignore them, they will soon realise it doesn't work and will get bored.  Once the bad behaviour has ceased, it is important to reward your pet then, as they make the association of calm, with reward. 

Animals are emotional creatures: a dog that has been disciplined in a negative manner may regress due to lack of confidence. Your pet will be much more receptive to your commands if you use an assuring and appealing tone of voice.

Good and bad behaviour

Training is most effective if carried out in a quiet, familiar area with minimal distractions. Training sessions should be short and frequent to maintain concentration. Remember patience and persistence are vital for successful training.


- Ignoring your command

- Jumping up on you or your visitors

- Inappropriate elimination or

  toileting in the house

- Pulling on the lead when walking

- Not coming when you call

- Running around inside the house

- Barking that hasn't been asked for


- Obeying a command

- Sitting quietly when visitors

  come over

- Toileting in an appropriate area

- Walking nicely on a lead

- Coming to you when called

- Lying on his or her mat

- Sitting quietly in the car



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