Dr Chris Brown Q&A

Learn more about how to better care for your pet as Dr Chris Brown answers some of your questions.

Dr Chris Brown Q&A

How did you become the Bondi Vet? Did you always want a career in television?

Honestly, working in television was the last thing I thought I would be doing. I actually imagined that I would be living in the country working with cows right now! The show actually started because of one very hot day about 5 years ago. We happened to have a camera crew in the clinic that day that were doing some stories on vets when I got called out to a dog trying to give birth to her pups. The camera crew came along and filmed the whole thing. It was an incredibly dramatic and emotional day and the people who saw the story really responded to it. From there, someone decided to shoot a pilot where they followed me around for 2 weeks and then Channel Ten saw it and liked it. And now here we are today!

I live in an apartment and I’m thinking of getting a pet. Is it fair to have pets in an apartment?

It really depends on the type of pet you want to bring in to your life. Some active dogs just can't handle their day being downsized. More easy-going dog breeds and cats can handle and even learn to love their apartment lifestyle!

My dog is a bit overweight, what do you recommend I feed him?

I'd feed him a diet that's higher in protein and lower in fat. That way, he'll be feeling full but not have the fuller figure to match.  Try OPTIMUM Light and Healthy.

Is it ok to give my dog bones?

Everyone feels like they should be feeding their dog bones. But the reality is that while they can be good for their teeth, bones aren't always your dog's best friend. You see, for those pets that eat quickly, there is always the risk they might try to swallow them whole and choke on the bone. The long tubular shape of chicken necks makes them especially dangerous for these fast eaters. The safest options for bones are chicken wings for very small dogs and beef shanks and femurs for bigger dogs. And remember to always supervise them while they're eating. It's ok to not give them bones if they're just not up to the challenge.

My dog gets quite itchy, how often should I wash him?

It often surprises people that washing a dog too often can be just as big a problem as not washing often enough. In fact, unless you're under specific instructions from your vet, I wouldn't recommend bathing your dog more than once every two weeks.



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