About Dr. Chris Brown

DR. Chris Brown

If you're on this page you obviously know me as Dr. Chris Brown, not only the OPTIMUM brand ambassador, but perhaps also as the Bondi Vet. But many of you may not know that I didn't always want to be a veterinarian. That was my father's profession as I was growing up and although I was surrounded by furry friends and our backyard was home to everything from koalas to cattle, it wasn't the path I initially wanted to follow.


But then something happened during high school. My dear friend and family dog, Claude, passed away suddenly from a heart condition. This was a turning point in my life. It was then that I decided to find out exactly how Claude got sick and what I could do to keep animals healthy.

About My Veterinary Career

I graduated from Sydney University in 2001, where I completed a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree. After graduating, I began working at a clinic on the North Shore in Sydney. Part of my job here, was to travel to remote Aboriginal communities in the deserts of the Northern Territory to treat animals that had never been treated before by a vet. This was a significant experience for me, as with extreme temperatures and basic living conditions, the health of the animals as well as the people who could contract diseases from animals depended very much on having a veterinarian available to treat and educate them.

Working as Bondi Vet

The unique combination of animals that we treat in Bondi Junction is one of the reasons that we shoot on-location at Bondi Junction Veterinary and also get to work off-location. The Bondi Clinic is very supportive of having TV crews around. With the clinics backing, we all have the opportunity to work from the beach to the bush, with the scary and the strange as well as those just needing a second chance. This experience has given me a multitude of interesting stories that I hope people at home get to enjoy as much as those of us who get to meet the animals.

While Bondi Vet is my most well known profession, my work with Bondi Junction Veterinary Clinic has also opened the door to many other opportunities to enrich the lives of people and their pets. These include my connection with OPTIMUM and the work they do with the WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition to develop nutritional formulations for cats or dogs of all ages and sizes, as well as publishing a book or two and my work with Network Ten and the living room.

Finally, on a more personal note, some of my hobbies include photography, mainly landscapes and animals of course as well as surfing. So obviously living in Sydney and enjoying surfing Bondi is a great spot for me. Oh and I can't forgot to mention I also have a dog; a kelpie named Rusty.

Feel free to look around my pages, where I have answered some of your burning cat and dog questions.

Dr. Chris Brown



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Chris Brown