Cat the importance of protein 

OPTIMUM™ understands the importance of protein in your cat's diet, which is why the OPTIMUM™ Dry range for cats offers the highest level of protein* in every feed.

If you'd like to understand more about protein, what it is and why it's so vital to your cat's everyday health, read on.

Learn all this and more here:

- What is protein?
- Why does a cat need protein?
- How much protein does a cat need?
- Benefits of protein in a cat's diet
- Fresh meat v's protein


*The OPTIMUM Dry cat range contains the highest protein of pet food in the supermarket.

What is protein?

Proteins are large organic compounds made of amino acids which are essential parts of organisms and participate in every process within cells.

Many proteins are enzymes that catalyse biochemical reactions and are vital to metabolism. Proteins also have structural or mechanical functions assisting in muscle and cell development.

Cats' bodies are only able to synthesize the amino acids they need, by obtaining essential amino acids from their food. Through the process of digestion, a cat will break down ingested protein into free amino acids which can then be metabolised.

Why does my cat need protein?

Cats by nature are obligate carnivores, so their metabolism and dietary needs are different from other species, including dogs. Cats' bodies work best when they consume a high-protein diet, like OPTIMUM™ Dry product, which reduces reliance on their less-efficient carbohydrate metabolism. The OPTIMUM™ Dry range contains up to 43% quality protein which is double that of fresh meat.

Though cats are strict carnivores, feeding them meat alone may not provide them with the levels of important vitamins and nutrients they need - for example, calcium and Vitamin E. For this reason, it is critical that you provide your cat a diet that contains optimal levels of protein and other critical nutrients their bodies require for optimal health.

How much protein does a cat need?

It's comforting to know that through extensive research and understanding of cats, allOPTIMUM™ products have been developed by leading pet health scientists that know exactly what levels of protein your cat needs, and how to deliver it. The OPTIMUM™ range of dry food for cats provides a premium health diet, packed with high levels of quality protein for every lifestage of your cat. Like many things, quality protein is more important than quantity. Protein quality refers to how easily the body can break down and digest the protein from food into essential amino acids. The OPTIMUM™ Dry cat range contains high levels of quality protein, so your cat can efficiently digest and metabolise the protein.

So if you want to ensure your cat is getting the right amount of quality protein in every feed, (in addition to other essential nutrition) simply choose the right variety of OPTIMUM™ for your cat, whether it be a kitten, adult or mature cat. The right nutrition for your cat is available on the supermarket shelf.

The OPTIMUM™ range of products is the only brand available in the supermarket that offers the perfect Macro-Nutrient Profile with up to 43% protein**, and the right balance of other vital ingredients to meet your cat's unique daily nutritional requirements.

**OPTIMUM Dry Kitten Formula

Benefits of protein in a cat's diet

Your cat requires high levels of protein in it's diet every day; however it is good to know that protein can also help to promote the following health benefits which are important to your cat's overall wellbeing:


Benefits of protein

Fresh meat v’s protein in each bag of OPTIMUM® dry

Although your cat may love the taste and feel of fresh meat, it will not receive the optimal nutritional balance it requires from eating fresh meat alone.

This is why it's recommended to feed your cat a well balanced diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals, and a balance of Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate.

The OPTIMUM™ range delivers balanced nutrition tailored to every life stage and taste variety that your cat will love.



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