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Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retriever
Labradors originated in Newfoundland, off the coast of Canada, and were taken to England on fishing boats in the early 19th century. Here they were developed and bred as a hunting dog, being used for retrieving game in rugged terrain and icy waters. They were popular as tough, strong dogs with excellent scenting powers and a desire to please.


Labradors live from between 12 to 15 years of age.


Labrador Retrievers are intelligent, active, fun-loving dogs, eager to please and extremely sociable. They want to be everybody's friend and are not a one-man dog. The breed is wonderful with children and so makes a good watchdog – letting out a big, deep bark to notify of any intruders.




Labradors need a large, draught-proof kennel, raised several centimetres off the ground. In summer they require plenty of shade. Similar to all dogs, Labradors are happiest if kept fit. Adults will benefit from a daily walk of 30 minutes, while pups will need overall periods of play. As a Labrador will need some running, a large back yard is desirable. As they can also be great diggers and chewers as puppies, it is a good idea to fence an area for the dog if you are attached to your garden. Labradors have a tendency to put on weight, that can cause health problems, so their diet needs to be carefully restricted as they mature. Obesity can predispose them to diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

Please take note:
Conscientious breeders have their dogs X-rayed for hip dysplasia and osteochondrosis, and have their dog's eyes tested annually by a veterinary ophthalmologist to detect any disease at the earliest stages, and do not breed from affected animals.


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Recommended Breeders

Breeder NameKennelState 
Cheryl Waters Bencubbin SA Contact
dorita booth weluvchoclet QLD Contact
Peter Anne Chevaun & Mathew Smith Chanpema SA Contact
Linda Boyce Delelish QLD Contact
Sue Bayly Jeweleden NSW Contact
Glenice McClure Blackboy WA Contact
Guy Spagnolo DRIFTWAY NSW Contact
Anna Courtman Courtsum WA Contact
Olivia Nankivell Milaje WA Contact
Michele Miles Louisaview QLD Contact
Kyle and Erin Charnock Eraky NSW Contact
Annie Dawson Swiftcurrent QLD Contact
Tracey Sharpe Ndolge QLD Contact
Lisa windsor LillyLabs Queensland Contact
Leslie McDonald Elemental SA Contact
Linda Foster Caranthar WA Contact
liz worthington Beaufort Hounds WA Contact
Kerrie Huxham Watela NSW Contact
Brigitte Taylor Contill WA Contact
Katrina and Linda Vale Valinka WA Contact
Jeannie Leibhardt Airai SA Contact
Loretta Bosence LABKEN Kennels QLD Contact
Sue Riseley Seadragon QLD Contact
Colleen Ritchard EMBELLISH NSW Contact
Debbie Creagh Copperkee QLD Contact
Cathrina Wardle Burrumtravis QLD Contact
Kassie Hughes Sarharadow NSW Contact
Kathleen Lynch Magroluc NSW Contact
Sue & Brian Nicks Rheinmunst SA Contact
Emma Cottage Tessamia NSW Contact
Carolyn Duff Dowlfalls NSW Contact
Robyn Brock diacas VIC Contact
Wendy Davidson laidback WA Contact
Bill Hepburn Grinnach TAS Contact
Lesley Huggins huggalab QLD Contact
Felicity Chafer freshielabs VIC Contact
David Martin Mulguy VIC Contact
Kate Eltringham Reveirter VIC Contact
Lisa Abbey Romsen QLD Contact
Hugh Vardon morndew VIC Contact
Elinor Atlinson Quiagashe SA Contact
Michelle Robinson LovetheLabs QLD Contact
Bronwyn Howes Waterview Labrador Retrievers QLD Contact
Samantha Caldwell Fermanagh WA Contact
Barbara Broughton JARKK NSW Contact
Sue Fisher MIKELLI QLD Contact
lee reilly dunforyou QLD Contact
Kate Hutchison GOLDYCHOCS NSW Contact
Troy Cassell Vonosda ACT Contact
Kylie Strain Josmyn VIC Contact
korina valentine Chocaholyc NSW Contact
Leonie Deeker Bucklee VIC Contact
Angela Wilmot Endal WA Contact
Sally Collins Wistowood SA Contact
Kellie Washband Chokelz Australian Capital Territory Contact
Alison Hood YRLYLAB Australian Capital Territory Contact
Nadine Atkinson PINNARENDI QLD Contact
kylie britt kaslam VIC Contact
Michelle Wheeler Mahelu QLD Contact
Jude Tankard Spiritrock NSW Contact
Cate Hepburn CHOCCIERAYZ QLD Contact
Alison Ham Hameldaeme QLD Contact
Beverley Klupfel Bemety QLD Contact
Sharon Holubowicz Shazview QLD Contact
Coralie Harris Tinorala WA Contact
kerrie fitzgibbon fitzmoxon VIC Contact
joseph harris harrisjos QLD Contact
Cilla Ward Edengate WA Contact
Trevor Ament Ristintime ACT Contact
Louise Henzell Scolouvalley QLD Contact
Sally Hansen Headland QLD Contact
Simone Negus Windyworth labradors and siamese SA Contact
Deborah Wetherill Baydons Lane NSW Contact
Carmel Vierow Sarshai QLD Contact
Linda Adams Kelindebar VIC Contact
Sara Hatfield Little Gypsy WA Contact
Shelley Smith Libellenlabs NSW Contact
Hayley Stephens Kuuwa WA Contact
Mark Sheppard Southbank QLD Contact
Katie Eyles Guwali NSW Contact
Shelley Thompson Oaysis VIC Contact
Stephen and Janine Ryan ballingar WA Contact
Rebecca Manning Lascardie NSW Contact
Linda Lehtonen Lehtolab QLD Contact
Christine Holden Prickle Patch QLD Contact
Julie Travers jemacoca QLD Contact
Jenny Marshall Rustys QLD Contact
David Riddle Guwali NSW Contact
Ella Perry Moonador WA Contact
Kylie Jarrett Chava QLD Contact
narelle kelly achacha QLD Contact
Joe Richardson Hrvatska VIC Contact
Margaret Shedden Kyshano NSW Contact
Colleen Baker Milollylabs NSW Contact
Sally Edwards Daisylea QLD Contact
monica radomiljac Pemberley WA Contact
Amy Page Weislabs QLD Contact
Sandra Luchterhand Sandlee QLD Contact
Lil Wilson Patonga NSW Contact
Wyn Addison LABIRION NSW Contact
nicole stewart sharzonic VIC Contact
Nerrida Scott ROSEBIRD NSW Contact
Kathleen and Rebecca Allan BELLKAZZ VIC Contact
Tracey Hogan Tracklea VIC Contact
Judith Hankin LATHOM QLD Contact
Emma Morgan Aurburnsun NSW Contact
Pauline Gill Tapua NSW Contact
Angela Bellchambers Branlina TAS Contact
Mark Lathouras Emmel Achaen QLD Contact
Rebecca Stansfield Anglityne QLD Contact
Julie Balan Carvancriver QLD Contact
Selena Purcell Chashtal NSW Contact
Kylie Johnstone Mannaview VIC Contact
Janelle Beveridge Cyclop QLD Contact
Craig Dyson Fieldmate VIC Contact
Michelle Lunn Willover VIC Contact
Emily Curr Belmontdowns Australian Capital Territory Contact
Tasama Cotterill Neasha VIC Contact
Khylie Wood Sandwoodlabs QLD Contact
Mark Freeman Jayneh labradors VIC Contact
Sharon Thomas Laskelsa VIC Contact
Carol Olive Dancourt NSW Contact
Diane Gnieslaw Jodielassie VIC Contact
Renee Peart Stelamba WA Contact
Julie Cramond Adderslot VIC Contact
Alison Nash Chocnashlabs QLD Contact
Pam Gregg Catra VIC Contact
Leigh Bishop Leamlilu WA Contact
Karan Griffiths Dewick QLD Contact
tara hodge libertylabs NSW Contact
robyn blyth robdale labradors QLD Contact
Penelope McGown Penelope McGown QLD Contact
bianca bux Bridiestar VIC Contact
Paulene Andrews Edensundown NSW Contact
Alison Prata Papoulab VIC Contact
Helen Lofthouse astrolab QLD Contact
Nicky Marr Marsagan QLD Contact
Wendy Savill Bellrige NSW Contact
Tricia Knight Capawanta NSW Contact
Anne Durrant Eleazar NSW Contact
Dion Humbler Hotpaws SA Contact
Mandy Creedy Devineperro QLD Contact
Catherine Ingram coastaldrift NSW Contact
Andrea Jeffs Labborough VIC Contact
Madison Riley RAVENBROOKE QLD Contact
Simon & Bec Malseed SYBECK VIC Contact
Alana Kay Celabration WA Contact
Doreen and Sean O'Donnell Cladaghring NSW Contact
Andrea Hepburn Fairburn TAS Contact
Mary Conheady Conningsburgh VIC Contact
Jan Farrelly Jayeffe VIC Contact
Jane Parsons Minamere VIC Contact
angela Williams gunderrako NSW Contact
Lynda Simons Bachdore SA Contact
Jodie Johnston TREMAE QLD Contact
Michelle Jones Tinsletown VIC Contact
Alecia Pace Acaleya NSW Contact
Anne Walkington Chergari ACT Contact
Sandra Pitcher Aladorrb QLD Contact
Megan Purtill Bellbidgee NSW Contact
Jessica Torrance Comitas VIC Contact
Georgina Kedzlie Alinjarra NSW Contact
Jaymi Sheppard Addaleighh WA Contact
Marilyn Morgan Weehaggis WA Contact
Ramjeevan Ray Ramanathan Wolfbull NSW Contact
Belinda Daniel Truebred NSW Contact
ANDY WILLIAMS Hayrickpark WA Contact
Ellen Gale Booroomgai QLD Contact
John & Myra Rhodes Burberry Kennels WA Contact
kane murray Yarrum NSW Contact
Jill lennox marlinlabs QLD Contact
Suzi Attard Lacote NSW Contact
Rebecca Simpson Sinodah NSW Contact
Tracey Blundell Tilrose NSW Contact
Jillian Mercer HONEYMERC WA Contact
Anna Courtman Courtsum WA Contact
Alyce McLean Albrador QLD Contact
Ray Ramanathan wolfbull KARUPEE NSW Contact
Wade Jodvalkis ZALKISLAB Queensland Contact
Gail Reilly Wintoppi QLD Contact
Maree Konz Sunninghill NSW Contact
Serge Ansquer Serge Ansquer WA Contact
Michelle Anderson Miandor QLD Contact
Clive Walker Moonrhythm WA Contact
Tracey Hogan TRACKLEA VIC Contact

*** We have vetted and approved these independent breeders as meeting, at the time, our criteria for the reliable breeding, feeding, care and sale of suitable quality puppies of this breed. This does not mean that other breeders do not meet these criteria or are not otherwise suitable suppliers. Nor can our vetting and approval guarantee the quality of a breeder or puppy or that you will be happy with them. We disclaim any liability for the quality, acts or omissions of these breeders or their puppies and our approval of breeders is not a substitute for you making all appropriate enquiries and checks (including veterinary checks) before choosing a specific breeder or puppy.

Canine Clubs

Australian Capital Territory: New South Wales:
Dogs ACT
(ACT Canine Association Inc)
PO Box 815
Dickson, ACT 2602
Tel: 02 6241 4404
Fax: 02 6241 1129
(Details correct as of 10/10/2013)
Dogs NSW
(Royal New South Wales Canine Council Ltd)
PO Box 632
St Marys, NSW 1790
Tel: 02 9834 3022
Fax: 02 9834 3872
(Details current as of 10/10/2013)
Northern Terrority : Queensland:
Dogs NT
(North Australian Canine Association Inc)
PO Box 37521
Winnellie, NT 0821
Tel: 08 8984 3570
Fax: 08 8984 3409
(Details correct as of 10/10/2013)
Dogs Queensland
(Canine Control Council (Queensland))
PO Box 495
Fortitude Valley, Qld 4006
Tel: 07 3252 2661
Fax: 07 3252 3864
(Details correct as of 10/10/2013)
South Australia : Tasmania :
Dogs SA
(South Australian Canine Association Inc)
PO Box 844
Prospect East, SA 5082
Tel: 08 8349 4797
Fax: 08 8262 5751
(Details correct as of 10/10/2013)
Dogs Tasmania
(Tasmanian Canine Association Inc)
The Rothman Building
PO Box 116
Glenorchy, Tas 7010
Tel: 03 6272 9443
Fax: 03 6273 0844
(Details correct as of 10/10/2013)
Victoria: Western Australia:
Dogs Victoria
(Victorian Canine Association)
Locked Bag K9
Cranbourne, Vic 3977
Tel: 03 9788 2500
Fax: 03 9788 2599
(Details correct as of 10/10/2013)
Dogs West
(Canine Association of Western Australia Inc)
Cnr Warton & Ranford Rds,
Southern River, WA, 6110
Tel: 08 9455 1188
Fax: 08 9455 1190
(Details correct as of 10/10/2013)



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