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Scottish Shorthair

The first Scottish Shorthair was born to a litter on a Scottish farm in 1961, but since then it has been crossed with the British Shorthair to develop a breed of medium-sized cats with knowing, big round eyes and its folded ears. In fact in its early years, this striking cat was frequently confused with the British Shorthair despite it having a longer tail, longer legs and a different coat texture! In actual fact, the Scottish Shorthair is more closely related to its litter mate - the Scottish Fold. These two ‘highland’ cats share many of the same characteristics – the Shorthair’s straighter ears being the main point of difference.

The Scottish Shorthair is an intriguing cat with a calm and placid nature. This cat enjoys its independence but it is a sweet-natured animal that just loves human companionship and will gladly supervise all of the household activities with you. However, this affectionate cat does not cope well with its own company and will not be happy if left at home alone for long periods of time.

A regular grooming will keep the Scottish Shorthair in good condition and the double coat will benefit from a weekly brush. Potential owners that do spend a lot of time away from home may want to consider adopting two Folds so they can keep each other company – after all, two cats can only mean twice the love and devotion!

The Scottish Shorthair will often live up to 10 years of age, but with the proper care and nutrition can live up to 15 years of age.

This is a small cat with the females normally weighing about 2.2kg and the males weighing up to 4.5kg.

This quiet little cat gets along well with most other animals so long as it is not "roughed up" by them in any way. These affectionate cats will also benefit from having another pet in the home for company.

The Scottish Shorthair is a highly adaptable cat that is equally at home in the city or the country. The ideal owners will not spend too much time away from home and must be prepared to provide plenty of love and attention.

If you have decided that the Scottish Shorthair is the cat for you and can provide all the attention it needs, then contact one of the groups below

Recommended Breeders

Breeder NameKennelState 
Carolyn Pawsey Miralea VIC Contact
Jacqueline Whitehouse Purshantys Cattery WA Contact
Rosemary Mulcahy metebelis WA Contact
Maureen Stepanoff Furreleda WA Contact
Janice Gablonski Birchfield QLD Contact
Briana Guy Chariot of Freya Australian Capital Territory Contact
Lindy Heddle Mahaska cattery TAS Contact

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