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Maine Coon

Maine Coon
Maine Coon
The Maine Coon cat originated from the northern United States, living as a wild animal. There are several myths about this large cat - it is one of the largest breeds of domestic cat in the world today.

There is one great story that says this cat is a cross between a cat and a racoon. Of course that is biologically impossible. More likely is that it gots its name from the State of Maine (where it came from) and from having a big racoon-like tail - hence the name Maine Coon was born.

Another story tells how they are the result of the import of longhaired French cats, belonging to Marie Antoinette, of France, and delivered to the United States while she was planning to escape the revolution. But regardless of how they evolved into the animal that they are today, the Maine Coon is now considered by the American people to be one of "their own".

This cat has a delightful temperament mixed in with a clown-like personality, and if the proverb "curiosity killed the cat" holds any sway it certainly applies to this creature as it is "into everything". It is an extremely intelligent animal that just adores people and so makes it especially good for companionship - and companionship that will last for life.

A Maine Coon has a broad chest with a muscular body. A female typically weighs up to 6kg and males weigh up to 8kg, but some males have been known to reach 13kg and without being fat. And of course one of the most attractive features of this cat is its long tail of full flowing fur.

This is a people cat and so needs to be with people. It makes an excellent family pet and is more than happy to "hang out" with all those living in the house, but it does need to be kept "entertained".

Recommended Breeders

Breeder NameKennelState 
Tracey Lamb Fidelis QLD Contact
Gail Mitchell Nightshade NSW Contact
Grace Kalisch Makeimaines TAS Contact
Rebecca McAlister Kittycoons NSW Contact
kerrie rapsey kando katz VIC Contact
Beverly Biggs cooncastle VIC Contact
Nunya Zimmer Xquizit NSW Contact
Dee Zimmer Xquizit Lovelite NSW Contact
Tomi Foxx GrandHaven TAS Contact
Martyna Furst Moscado WA Contact
Teagan Griffin Pascoe QLD Contact
Lee Oliver Olivespot NSW Contact
Heather Rome Majesticoon NSW Contact
Melissa Day Wishfulthinkin NSW Contact
Christina Swan-Lawrence mystic hollow NSW Contact
Denise De Freitas BIGPAWS NSW Contact
Natalie Soloviev LIONCOON NSW Contact
Tammy Dillon Vakker QLD Contact
Loretta Kimber Lasskats WA Contact
Renay Grace Stringybark Park NSW Contact
Xrysi Gallagher Mystic Hollows NSW Contact
Sue Kowalczyk Kowlcoons NSW Contact
Robyn Johnston Rapscallion QLD Contact

*** We have vetted and approved these independent breeders as meeting, at the time, our criteria for the reliable breeding, feeding, care and sale of suitable quality kittens of this breed. This does not mean that other breeders do not meet these criteria or are not otherwise suitable suppliers. Nor can our vetting and approval guarantee the quality of a breeder or kitten or that you will be happy with them. We disclaim any liability for the quality, acts or omissions of these breeders or their kittens and our approval of breeders is not a substitute for you making all appropriate enquiries and checks (including veterinary checks) before choosing a specific breeder or kitten.



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