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Moggie / Non-Pure Breed

With the wide variety of cat breeds available, without doubt the most popular type of cat is the Domestic or Moggie.

Moggies come in a wide range of colours, sizes and coat patterns to suit everyone's taste. These invariably robust and hardy creatures most commonly have short easy care coats requiring little grooming although any coat length is possible.

There are some unusual facts around the humble moggie. Tortoiseshell cats for instance are almost always female with the odd male being invariably sterile, pure white cats are often deaf and red tabbies are most often males, hence the title 'ginger tom'.

Because they do not conform to any particular standard it has been only relatively recently that many cat shows now include special classes for showing the domestic cat! But with its intelligence, even temperament and ability to adapt to any environment it is not hard to see why these cats make great companions and are the most popular cats in Australia.

Recommended Breeders

Breeder NameKennelState 
dijana triscari charlee WA Contact
Julie Shevlin Cambrian Park VIC Contact
Brad & Shannon Winkler Brashawin New South Wales Contact

*** We have vetted and approved these independent breeders as meeting, at the time, our criteria for the reliable breeding, feeding, care and sale of suitable quality kittens of this breed. This does not mean that other breeders do not meet these criteria or are not otherwise suitable suppliers. Nor can our vetting and approval guarantee the quality of a breeder or kitten or that you will be happy with them. We disclaim any liability for the quality, acts or omissions of these breeders or their kittens and our approval of breeders is not a substitute for you making all appropriate enquiries and checks (including veterinary checks) before choosing a specific breeder or kitten.



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