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The Burmese, with its exotic appearance and wonderfully affectionate nature, is a cat with personality plus!

With it's happy disposition and affectionate nature, the Burmese will retain it's tomboy playfulness and curiosity throughout it's life making it an ideal playmate for children.

Its family history dates back almost 400 years, but the Burmese we are familiar with today first originated in the USA in 1920, by crossing a Siamese with a cat imported from Burma.

The only natural breed of brown cat, the Burmese has a short, glossy, satin-textured coat traditionally in a warm sable brown colour and gold eyes. Other colour varieties are now available ranging from red and cream to lilac and tortoiseshell.

Elegant and exotic looking, they are powerfully built with excellent muscle tone making the Burmese surprisingly heavy for it's size. They have a long body with rounded chest, rounded ear tips and small feet. Often referred to as the 'dogcat' they love to perform tricks and can be easily trained to retrieve toys like a dog.

Highly intelligent, affectionate and extremely loyal, these cats are very talkative although generally quieter than the Siamese. They enjoy the company of other cats and even dogs and love nothing more than being in contact with people and being the centre of attention.

Recommended Breeders

Breeder NameKennelState 
Cheryl Slade Cherann TAS Contact
Latika Macquire Batice QLD Contact
Andrea Dey Cherie WA Contact
Charmaine Heath Gemsong WA Contact
Lynette Varney Norlyn NSW Contact
Valda McDermott Jingili NSW Contact
Yvonne Curran Currellen NSW Contact
Don Gaskins Erakor QLD Contact
Helen Keeling Ashfaere WA Contact
Irene Hayton Masterton QLD Contact
Andrew Gunn Ferngold QLD Contact
Beverley Dustan Bevolin SA Contact
Samantha Roulstone Oricats VIC Contact
Chris Merritt Jovelles QLD Contact
Jennine Burt Nanochi SA Contact
Margaret Onyett Shepbrae VIC Contact
Glenys McLaughlin Russglen QLD Contact
Rebecca Lamb Shakuru SA Contact
Elizabeth Pask Jampadekyi QLD Contact
Barry and Lorraine Hillier Sharad SA Contact
Ruth Thurling Parquin NSW Contact
Nicole Brown Gramar QLD Contact
CAROLE GALLI Roconrole WA Contact
Dee & Vince Ferella Minga VIC Contact
Kay Haby Yarriamba VIC Contact
Deborah Nugent Corbetti & SiaJavi NSW Contact
Gail Mitchell Nightshade NSW Contact
Peta Di Benedetto kimlai VIC Contact
Pamela Cross Myshan NSW Contact
Dianna Nixon Nicody WA Contact
Helen Slattery Bundileer VIC Contact
Tania Hillebrand SA Contact
Pamela Miller Keeza NSW Contact
Anne Kirtland Charlbury SA Contact
Jillian Smith Hakua SA Contact
Penny Foster Damali VIC Contact
Vicki Weterings Shysu Burmese QLD Contact
carol minster Mooroobar VIC Contact
Kristy Shemshedin Harbella VIC Contact
Sue Bendt Kinski NSW Contact
latika armstrong Batice QLD Contact
Claire Edwards Besakih Cattery SA Contact
Robyn Clarke KHAFER NSW Contact
Diana Nixon Nicody WA Contact
ZAW PEDRONI Shwayamore VIC Contact
Andrew Gunn FERNGOLD QLD Contact
Denise Hewat Den'eden Burmese QLD Contact
Glenda Bouwer Sensabai NSW Contact
Raquel Wright Kennedyrex and Furstlove VIC Contact
Sue Campbell ashbury QLD Contact
shannon stone Jajadak QLD Contact
Michele Ristuccia Miamber VIC Contact
Julie Van den Dungen Wottawood VIC Contact
Glenda Bouwer Sensabai NSW Contact
Diana Kasal Chloeaires and Kocicka VIC Contact
Heather Bowditch Naibrook QLD Contact
Sue & Dennis Ashby Densue SA Contact
Jason McLeod Siratsa QLD Contact
Charmaine Heath Charob WA Contact
Helen Whittle Khayama SA Contact
Dannielle Perry Sharavista VIC Contact
Kirsten Rankine Bilwon QLD Contact
Michelle de Laine Leewood SA Contact
Brittany K Chihoua QLD Contact
Nicole Lunn Soft as Silk VIC Contact
Cindy Hrabar Cosmicpaws VIC Contact
Peta Di Benedetto Kimlai VIC Contact
Tammy Phelps nortitorti VIC Contact
Cheryl Slade Cherann TAS Contact
Kylie Chaffey Montacute VIC Contact
pauline fehling Kaoru VIC Contact
Jane Van Dyk Arsenios VIC Contact
Jo Collier FuzynCountrs WA Contact
Cathi Smith BURMAPAWS VIC Contact
Cara Richardson Cupples QLD Contact
Adam Woodward Damo QLD Contact
Christine Belan Cutekats NSW Contact
Andrew Hathway Brigalow QLD Contact
Angela Wilcox Chetiki QLD Contact
Vicki Cardilini Kalkoa VIC Contact
Emma Calcedo Leha VIC Contact
Rhiannon Milano VILLANEV Burmese Cats VIC Contact
el keane Nightshade NSW Contact
Martina Mitchell Amberville QLD Contact
Robyn Clarke Khaffir NSW Contact
Tracey Carabetta Ramaal NSW Contact

*** We have vetted and approved these independent breeders as meeting, at the time, our criteria for the reliable breeding, feeding, care and sale of suitable quality kittens of this breed. This does not mean that other breeders do not meet these criteria or are not otherwise suitable suppliers. Nor can our vetting and approval guarantee the quality of a breeder or kitten or that you will be happy with them. We disclaim any liability for the quality, acts or omissions of these breeders or their kittens and our approval of breeders is not a substitute for you making all appropriate enquiries and checks (including veterinary checks) before choosing a specific breeder or kitten.



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