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British Shorthair

British Shorthair
British Shorthair
British Shorthair - Silver Tabby]
The British Shorthair, Great Britain's working cat, is, today, a sturdy and muscular cat with a short, plush coat. The breed was developed in Europe from non-pedigree cats. The British Shorthair's origins are those of the native working cats - the street and yard cats of Britain.

The early British Shorthair and the French Chartreux were of similar type and many breeders think they were originally the same cat. Today, breeders have taken great care to produce two distinct breeds.

Many shorthairs were shown at the famed Crystal Palace, in 1895, and they captured the hearts of the people at the shows until the Persian grabbed the limelight. British Shorthairs were then to remain out of favour until the 1930s, when a small number of dedicated breeders took an interest in them.

In the United States the first of these cats were called British Blues as blue was the only recognised colour at the time and they were not as defined as the British Shorthairs of today.

It is a medium to large, sturdy cat with a powerful body and a thick tail. British Shorthairs are very independent, yet extremely affectionate. They enjoy people and will happily follow their owners around the house. They are easy to groom because their fur does not tangle and should be combed very lightly. They make ideal pets for families and they equally at home with a person living on their own.

Recommended Breeders

Breeder NameKennelState 
Tom Marshall Marshall Park NSW Contact
Suzanne Bolland Sumibo WA Contact
Peter and Maxine Williams Hereiz QLD Contact
Roy Mallinder Dassin QLD Contact
Sally Tonks Ewenique TAS Contact
Sue Lloyd Britopia QLD Contact
Diana Hunt Cambria NSW Contact
Daryl Styles Histyle VIC Contact
Barry and Lorraine Hillier Sharad SA Contact
Carolyn Pawsey Miralea VIC Contact
Marilyn Angelo Sawadas NSW Contact
carol Marchese britacharmed VIC Contact
Julie Maas Ambritt QLD Contact
Pamela Lanigan Cuddleton WA Contact
Julie Dallow Trubador VIC Contact
Jacqueline Gardner Woodedge Australian Capital Territory Contact
Warren Chesser Keturah VIC Contact
Karen Privett Sixribbons Q.F.A. 877 QLD Contact
Judy Gard Cathy Steadman Juca VIC Contact
Ann Elphick Shyann NSW Contact
Jacqueline Whitehouse Purshantys Cattery WA Contact
Kay Nelson Westminster NSW Contact
Angela Mayne BYMYSIDE VIC Contact
Kylie Terlier BLUEPRINTS QLD Contact
Megan Inglis Topkatz SA Contact
Lin Stuart AILUROLOVE NSW Contact
Denise Brown Britmania VIC Contact
Cherie Huebner Mischievous VIC Contact
Denise Lawson Lynx NSW Contact
faye martini-jakson kalame VIC Contact
Shelly Frazer Diegan Dienamic Kennels VIC Contact
Shannon Gharib CHUBBYBRITZ NSW Contact
Rosemary Mulcahy metebelis WA Contact
Cathy Tricarico Bevington VIC Contact
T Jensen JENCATS QLD Contact
Lindy Heddle Mahaska TAS Contact
Tracey Bill Furdinkum QLD Contact
Kirsty Wilson Harvestmoon SA Contact
Vikki Gauci Shikobee NSW Contact
Troy Scaddan Cocatrolis WA Contact
Julie Pickens Britzobeauty WA Contact
Leanne Gibbons Valentri TAS Contact
Robbie Walker Duart QLD Contact
Maureen Stepanoff Furreleda WA Contact
Hilary Morton Aslanton TAS Contact
Yijun Pan Fancier VIC Contact
Janice Gablonski Birchfield QLD Contact
Jacqueline Jefferson Natakye NSW Contact
Briana Guy Chariot of Freya Australian Capital Territory Contact
Nica Moss Royal Soul VIC Contact
Matthew Branagh barradene VIC Contact
Pauline Biffin Hightop Park NSW Contact
Suzy Keating Belarley Aarize SA Contact
Natarcha Berquist Miriella SA Contact
Lisa Hutton RoyalClaire NSW Contact
laura menabue Lil Kritters VIC Contact
Chris Merritt Carinya QLD Contact
jenny koch Mayfield VIC Contact

*** We have vetted and approved these independent breeders as meeting, at the time, our criteria for the reliable breeding, feeding, care and sale of suitable quality kittens of this breed. This does not mean that other breeders do not meet these criteria or are not otherwise suitable suppliers. Nor can our vetting and approval guarantee the quality of a breeder or kitten or that you will be happy with them. We disclaim any liability for the quality, acts or omissions of these breeders or their kittens and our approval of breeders is not a substitute for you making all appropriate enquiries and checks (including veterinary checks) before choosing a specific breeder or kitten.



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