The Waltham Centre

If you've read or learned anything significant regarding pet care in the last 45 years, chances are it came from the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition.

Widely regarded as the world's pre-eminent authority on pet care, pet science and pet nutrition, Waltham is a state-of the-art research facility nestled deep in the heart of the picturesque English countryside. 
At Waltham, a collaborative approach is key. Working closely with the world's leading science institutes, Waltham's vast team of scientists, nutritionists, vets, pet carers and researchers work together to advance pet science through the ongoing research and development of all the Mars pet care brands. The OPTIMUM™ brand is one of these.

The Waltham team takes an innovative approach towards researching domestic animals: hundreds of dogs, cats and birds are happily at home in the spacious pet accommodation centre. Treated to daily physical and mental stimulation and lots of loving care, the animals at Waltham are relaxed and happy. This lays the foundation for vital research, allowing Waltham scientists to understand pets in a true domestic environment. Through the Mars brands, this research is passed onto pet owners and benefits millions of animals the world over. Waltham continues its research programmes at the Centre for Pet Nutrition and worldwide through The Waltham Foundation, which awards grants to scientists and vets so they can fund innovative research projects to ultimately benefit companion animals.

Visit the Waltham website at to learn about the Waltham Foundation and see Waltham's groundbreaking research.




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