We have compiled some frequently asked questions about dogs for your reference. We hope you find them useful. If you cannot find the answer to your particular question please Contact Us

Why does my dog bark at everything?

Many behavioral problems in dogs come from poor training as puppies, boredom from being left at home by themselves for too long and separation anxiety. By far the best result will be had from your dog getting exercise twice a day, morning and night. This helps to reduce energy levels and provides mental stimulation.

Is OPTIMUM® Puppy Dry Formula suitable as the only food source for a puppy?

Yes it is. OPTIMUM™ Dry Puppy provides the perfect balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates (MNP), plus tailored functional vitamins and minerals required for the growth and development of your puppy. However, your puppy may also enjoy the variety and taste that comes from feeding a wet formula too. see here for the full OPTIMUM™ Puppy Formula range.

How much water should I give my puppy at one time?

The answer to this one is easy - as much as they want! You don't have to limit dogs' intake of water, the way you sometimes do with food. In fact, it's important to your puppy's health that you have fresh, clean water out all the time. Dogs of any age need lots of water to help run with circulation, digestion and eliminating waste from the body.

How can I get my cat and dog to be friends?

Sadly it's not your call. This relationship will be decided by the dog and the cat. If the cat has been around for a while he may not ever be OK with the new dog. Usually they come to some arrangement with the rules written by the cat.

How can I stop my dog from burying his toys in the garden?

It's perfectly normal for dogs to bury their "treasure." This can include everything from bones to new chew toys, treats, and tennis balls. They usually go back and dig up their collection, but it may be months later. You can avoid the problem by making sure your dog's toys and treats always stay indoors. Only give him toys when you're in the house, and make sure he doesn't smuggle any in his mouth when you take him outside.

Why does my puppy growl and snap at me?

The growling and snapping are signs that your puppy thinks he is number one in your household. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation for a good trainer in your area to consult with and correct this problem. The growling and snapping will only escalate as your puppy ages. Remember, a growl may be a bite about to happen.

Are cold, wet noses a good sign?

A cold, wet nose is one sign of good health in dogs and cats. However, even a healthy pet can have a warm, dry nose on occasion. On the other hand, really sick pets can also have cold, wet noses. What does all this mean? Simply that any one indicator of health is not 100% accurate all the time. Sick pets with cold noses or dry warm noses should be seen by your vet immediately.

How good is a dog's hearing ability?

Dogs have a great sense of hearing. Next to smell it is their second most developed sense. Not only can they detect sounds that are much too faint for humans, but they can also hear sounds pitched at frequencies above or below a human's range.

Can my dog drink from the swimming pool?

The occasional drink of swimming pool water won't hurt your dogs, as the concentration of chlorine and other chemicals in the water is very low.

You can keep your pups' trips to the pool to a minimum by making sure they have lots of fresh water both inside and outside and by keeping the pool fenced off or covered. You can also watch your dogs for diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, or other signs of stomach problems which may have been caused by chlorine. If you suspect this is the case, take your dog to the vet immediately.

Why does my dog pant all the time?

When you see your dog panting, it may not mean that they are thirsty, simply that they are very hot. However during hot and warm weather, make sure your dog has access to clean water at all times to prevent heat stroke. Dogs with compromised respiration, like bulldogs and pugs, are at a very high risk of easily overheating because they can't pant efficiently.

When should I start feeding OPTIMUM™?

The transition from one life stage diet to another should be done gradually over a four-day period rather than one meal to the next. This allows the gastrointestinal system to adapt to the new food.



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