We have compiled some frequently asked questions about cats for your reference. We hope you find them useful. If you cannot find the answer to your particular question please Contact Us

I’ve heard that it is impossible to train cats. Is this true?

Some may say this, but with a little effort many cats are perfectly trainable. Undesirable behaviour is easier to prevent than correct.

Cats don't respond well to punishment - they just get frightened and confused. Distraction is often the best immediate action in cases of unwanted behaviour. As cats are super-tuned to pick up on emotions, keep calm, be patient and consistent, and your cat will soon learn.

How do I stop my cat from chewing all the cords it my house?

The easiest way to stop this is to put something distasteful on the cord, like pepper, chilli, or even nail polish.

How can I prevent my cat from biting and scratching people?

Let your cat know it is hurting you by responding with a sharp 'yowl', like the sound a hurt cat would make.

How do I keep my cat off the kitchen bench?

As cats hate surprises and loud noises, so simply leave a few cans full of pens or other objects ready for the cat to knock over. Also try covering the bench in sticky-tape, and avoid leaving meat or anything appealing out for the cat.

How do I stop my cat waking me up so early?

Don't reward your cat's behaviour by feeding it at this awkward time, or giving it attention. Fill its bowl before your go to bed, and tire it out by playing with it the night before.

How do I stop my cat scratching and ripping my carpet?

There may be a particular odour where your cat is scratching, so try cleaning and neutralising the odour. If your cat scratches near closed doors, try covering the ground with plastic and provide your cat with a scratching pole.

How do I stop my cat fighting?

Make sure that your cat is de-sexed. If the problem of fighting continues, discuss with your vet.

My cat seems to dislike its food bowl. Why would this be?

Make sure that your cat's bowl is wider than its whiskers. Also avoid any strong detergents as your cat will not like the smell, and remember that cats like to eat in privacy.

My cat has been acting strangely since the arrival of my baby. What should I do?

Reassure your cat that you still love it by paying it plenty of attention.

Why does my cat sulk?

A cat will sulk when it is uncomfortable or feeling unloved, just like humans. Remember that cats don't like being stared at, so try to avoid too much direct eye-contact.

How do I teach my kitten to use the litter tray?

Most kittens are taught by their mothers about using the litter tray, but if your kitten is unsure and used to relieving itself outside, an easy way to teach it is to mix a little soil in with the litter for encouragement.

How do I keep my cat out of the rubbish bin?

The simplest answer to this question is to get a firm lid for your rubbish bin. If knocking it over is the problem, then put some heavy bricks in the bottom of the bin. Your cat will soon learn the bin is too heavy, and you can take the bricks out.

When should I start feeding OPTIMUM®?

The transition from one life stage diet to another should be done gradually over a four-day period rather than one meal to the next. This allows the gastrointestinal system to adapt to the new food..



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