About Optimum

The OPTIMUM™ range of products have been developed with nutritionists and vets from Waltham - the world's leading authority on pet care and nutrition - ensuring that dogs and cats receive all the essential nutrition they need no matter what their life stage or lifestyle. 

Like us, dogs and cats need a complete and balanced diet to stay in peak condition. The OPTIMUM™ dry range offers more than a nutritionally complete meal - it offers tailored nutrition to suit the needs of dogs and cats at each life stage or lifestyle.

Why should you buy OPTIMUM™ products

1. Perfectly Balanced Nutrition (MNP®)

The OPTIMUM™ brand is the first to bring you scientifically formulated pet nutrition using the Macro-Nutrient Profile that provides your cat or dog with the perfect balance of carbohydrate, fat and protein their bodies require and they naturally prefer.   

The OPTIMUM™ Dry Cat range has been developed to include up to 43% protein (twice that of fresh meat) and low levels of carbohydrate to satisfy their unique dietary requirement as carnivores.  Click here to find out more about The Importance of Protein for Cats.


2. Developed by the World's Leading Veterinarians and Nutritionists

The OPTIMUM™ range has been developed in association with The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, the world's leading authority in pet care and pet health. For over 65 years, Waltham has been dedicated to improving the health, longevity and happiness of our pets through extensive research in conjunction with hundreds of veterinarians and scientists across the world. It is the findings of this research that goes into the development and formulation of the OPTIMUM™ range, so you can be confident that your pets receive the best in pet nutrition.


3. A Lifetime of Tailored Nutrition

The OPTIMUM™ range delivers balanced nutrition and taste variety that your cat or dog will love with a selection of wet and dry products tailored to every life stage. From the moment your puppy or kitten comes home, right through until it grows into a mature pet, you can rely on the OPTIMUM™ range to provide the right nutrition to keep your pet happy and healthy at every life stage.


4. Australian Made with Quality Ingredients

Made in Australia from quality Australian ingredients, the OPTIMUM™ wet and dry range contains no artificial colours or flavours. Plus, with the added goodness of real meat, your cat or dog will love the taste.


5. Convenient Premium Health

The OPTIMUM™ range of products is easy to find in major supermarkets, chain stores and leading pet care stockists.


Where to buy OPTIMUM™ products

SafewayCostco IGA


Coles Bigw Franklins


*Other selected stockists



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